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CSM is the global leader in the bakery products and natural food preservation/green chemicals arenas. The North American division, Bakery Supplies North America, develops, produces and sells a wide selection of bakery ingredients and products to professional bakeries, top consumer food companies, grocers and retailers. BSNA is organized into three operating companies, including CSM Bakery Products, Caravan and BakeMark USA. Together, we bring a remarkable blend of skills and expertise to our customers. As we continuously examine how we can learn from each other and draw on the unique quality of our combined operations, a distinctive culture has emerged, enabling us to collectively become even stronger and more successful.

As a company, we are passionate about market leadership. That means bringing together essential ingredients to exceed customer expectations, being known as a great place to work and building outstanding relationships with our business partners. As individuals, we have a passion for being the best – creating the right personal blend of good health, financial fitness and pride for what we do. It includes maintaining balance in our lives with time to build enduring relationships with family and friends, while making a positive difference in the world.

Becoming a member of the CSM Bakery Products family provides a unique opportunity to achieve your potential with one of the leading companies in the bakery industry. We welcome talented, motivated individuals who want to be part of our winning team.